"types of mulch"

We Know Our Mulch

a protective covering

Some of the Benefits of Mulch:

  •  reduces evaporation, 
  • maintain even soil temperature like insulation, 
  • prevent plant loss from freezing temperatures
  • prevent erosion, control weeds, 
  • enrich the soil,
  • keep fruit (such as strawberries) clean. 
  • Different types of mulch for each circumstance. 
  • Our experienced staff will know which to recommend. 

Mulch can be composed of sawdust, compost, newspaper, cardboard, straw, or traditional bark that you purchase at your local garden supply store. Each mulch has it's own purpose and benefits

 We have used carpet to stop the spread of bind weed, which was effective over the course of a few years

Ask us about pet friendly mulches

Most mulches are very safe for our four-legged friends. In fact, many dogs, and even some cats, may nibble on a wood chip or two with no adverse effects. However there are some types that pet owners need to be aware of that may cause potentially life threatening bowel obstructions if eaten. 

Usually rock or large wood chips. We do not use Cocoa Bean Mulch EVER! 

Mulch Experts

There is mulch and then there is mulch....let us choose the correct time and type for your garden needs

Timing is everything when it comes to mulch. We promote the use of mulch to stop the weed population. So in most cases mulch applied in early spring prevents soil from warming, restricting early-season weed growth. There are times when mulch is used to encourage growth of healthy plants...for instance

  • Plastic mulch, applied in early spring on a vegetable garden prior to planting will raise the soil temperature to give seeds a healthy early start. 
  • You can leave it in place for heat-loving vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, but because plastic isn't permeable, ensure that these plants receive enough water. 
  • A bit later in the spring as the soil warms and dries, we begin to spread organic mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennials.  Our mulch experts decide the proper mulch and proper time to apply for a successful season.
  • Some garden seeds like cool soil and you can plant early in spring. like greens, broccoli, and cauliflower. Organic mulch applied at the time of planting will keep soil cool for successful seed germination. 
  • Be sure to keep mulch at least an inch away from plant stems to prevent rot problems.


rubber mulch
wood chip
pine needles
fallen leaves