woman owned business since 2021
Treat each garden and it's owner with kindness and respect!


We need Ninja Gardeners!!

A  Ninja Gardener acts immediately and fearlessly in pursuit of what they really want to accomplish in the garden. (which is what the owner wants done in the least amount of time)

ACT (body)

1. You don't postpone, make excuses or give up: you act now.

2: You constantly prioritize your Minimal Achievable Successes and celebrate them every day. 

3: You stay extremely focused and committed to realizing you and your clients as well as the company vision.

GIVE (heart)Ninjas give without expectations, while building towards a better world. 

4.You know the why behind your actions and how you impact the world and this company. 

 5.You enable others to maximize their potential, while staying transparent and true to yourself. 

6: You dedicate quality time to fulfil your own needs and of those closest to you. 

LEARN (mind)Ninjas test and learn persistently to improve self, product and process

7.You work in short iterations to act, reflect and adjust in tiny steps at a time.

8: You collect frequent feedback and new knowledge to know what and how to improve. 

9: You are aware of your habits and act to optimize them for success. Please submit your email below to express interest in becoming a future Ninja gardener.

Must be honest, kind, and able to follow directions. NO other experience needed. On the job training provided. Weeding is a skill! There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Be open to instruction without hesitation. Then always do it the right way and teach others along the way. 

Fill out interest form below and then call our office to confirm we received your email Be sure to include your phone number in message box. 

Gardening is Grounding and Good for the Immune system

The Culture

Join our team of Earth Loving kind hearted people in Spokane Washington, who happen to love gardening. Work outside in the fresh air and reap the benefits of working in the soil. Everyone gets their hands in the dirt!

It is one of our goals to make having a gardener affordable.Thorough and efficient work ethic is a must!  We primarily clean garden beds, pull weeds and put on mulch, however are skilled in design and can take on projects to achieve our clients dream garden or small scape which may include hauling debris out or hauling soil and mulch in. Gardening is more than just pulling a few weeds, it is at times hard work.  Seeing our customers satisfaction with a job well done is worth it. 

Mulch On is part of Spokane Scapes Professionals and use the Spokane scape methods of sod removal with sheeting occasionally we will actually remove sod by hand if it is a small area.  We plant drought tolerant plants, veggie gardens, create dry river beds, and will assist with any Spokane Scapes project that client is willing to do part of themselves. See our owner assist program.

 We proudly support "because the earth needs a good lawyer"

We are concerned about the state of our Earth, conserving water, saving the bees and butterfly. We encourage veggie gardens, drought tolerant plantings and pollinator gardens.  We can accomplish meeting our deadlines and clients budget by constantly prioritizing minimal achievable successes and celebrating them. Staying focused by saying no to the hundreds of other ideas that are there. You have to pick carefully. 

The Benefits:

Besides the benefits of working outside which improves mood and immune system, we offer:

  • competitive wages 
  • L&I
  • paid time off after 90 days of employment
  • pay raises at 1 month, 3 months and yearly if elgible
  • flexible schedule 4 day work week 
  • work with like minded people
  • no cubicles or office setting
  • peaceful work setting

Grow with us

There is no shortage of weeds or gardens in our city. We are busy building our reputation as a business. We want employees who want to grow with us. We provide regular on the job training and personalized training sessions for special tasks. 


We have dreams to expand to outlying areas and have a store front nursery. This would provide more jobs and more employees to serve our clients gardening needs in a timely manner. Weeds don't wait!


Must have valid drivers license, reliable transportation and insurance, be able to follow directions, physically able to pull weeds correctly (you will be shown and instructed once should be enough), (on your knees a lot), provide your own, knee pads,  basic tools, ie, gloves, trowel, weed popper, pruners, and at times there will be some lifting, however you are not required to lift anything you are not comfortable lifting. 

Working in the dirt is good for you!

 All employees are required to get in the soil.  We believe that the soil is grounding and good for the immune system. Further research on gardening found it improved life satisfaction and mood. Digging in the dirt really does lift your spirits. The digging stirs up microbes in the soil. Inhaling these microbes can stimulate serotonin production, which can make you feel relaxed and happier.

Please check out our about page and portfolio for more info on what we do. 

Creating beauty and ease of upkeep in the most efficient way is the goal!

If you are interested in working for a woman owned company whose main goal is to provide weed pulling and affordable garden care while encouraging drought tolerant and pollinator gardens,  please provide your email/phone number with message and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.