Volunteer Opportunities

We are now aligned with Spokane Scapes as Professionals in providing Water Wise Scapes

*Learn How to Garden

Learn how to garden with our *volunteer program!

 Each year we are approached by people from all walks of life that need help in their gardens. It is a dream of Mulch On to build a volunteer garden force that wants to learn how to garden and help these people or organizations who can no longer garden themselves and cannot afford to pay for it. 

If you live in Spokane Washington and are interested in *volunteering to help bring to life someones dream garden while learning how to create your own please submit your info below, or text 1-509-768-3607

  • Learn simple waterwise design
  • effective weeding and weed control
  • Installation
  • Soil Prep
  • Drought tolerant and deer resistant plantings
  • path creation and installation

*all volunteers will be screened and interviewed just like an employee*

The Veggie Garden with pre-existing raised beds 

Small Scape Water Wise Bee Friendly Garden Scape via Spokane Scape Plan and Plant