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"It is our mission to show kindness and respect for each client and their garden while making having a gardener affordable. Always leave the property neat and clean and do our best to achieve our clients garden vision. Strive to end weed population by hand pulling weeds and using non toxic methods to control the spread of weeds primarily by getting down to the root and putting mulch on. We encourage our customers to do the same. We support drought tolerant landscapes and pollinator gardens in an effort to save water and the bee and butterfly population"

We Believe

Working in the dirt is good for you. In our shaky and unstable world we believe change starts with you. Research on gardening found it improved life satisfaction and mood. Digging in the dirt really does lift your spirits. The digging stirs up microbes in the soil. Inhaling these microbes can stimulate serotonin production, which can make you feel relaxed and happier.

The butterfly and bee population is dwindling. Our planet cannot survive without these and other pollinators. We strive to encourage our clients to plant pollinator and drought tolerant gardens to help save our planet while creating beauty. 

Growing your own food gives one a feeling of satisfaction which in turn boost natural occurring neurotransmitters that make people happy. Right now the world needs happy people. We have a team of expert veggie gardeners that can get you started or help you with an existing garden to achieve success. 


25 years of personal gardening experience in Spokane. 

Created multiple tiny garden scapes using what is on hand. Have gained hands on knowledge of what not to plant and what thrives in our area. Working with what you have we can design and create a beautiful manageable garden-scape or help you plant grow and harvest a veggie or pollinator garden. 

All Natural Weed Removal

No toxic chemical or pesticides used here!! Hand pulling and Mulching is the best way to keep weeds away! 

We use our own non toxic weed killer recipe on hard to get rid of weeds. (it's a work in progress)

We encourage Green Bin use! Hauling available for extra fee. 

Working with the community

Mulch On was created in the midst of a pandemic to fill a threefold need. 

1. Weed pulling for small gardens and scapes. 

2. Provide training and jobs for people with a passion for nature and saving our earth. 

3. Volunteer positions to learn how to garden and to make garden dreams come true available. 

We are a Spokane Scape professional.

Fast and reliable

We show up. 

We will work until the job is done keeping your budget in mind.  

Unpredictable and extreme weather will be cause for rescheduling at times. 

We will treat your garden like it is our own.  

Neat and clean is our ultimate goal with every project. 

Contact us

Spokane Wa 99203

(509) 768-3607 text me for fastest response

Our season begins March 1 and ends last week in October before the 31st. 

Partnering with SpokaneScapes

encouraging drought tolerant 

and pollinator gardens

We  support save the Bees and the Monarch Butterfly

Nearly one-third of all honeybees in the United States have died in the last few years. Mostly caused by toxic chemicals and pesticides used in lawn care.

Monarch butterflies and pollinators are in trouble. You can help by planting a pollinator garden! 

As a side note there is a huge Bee farming movement around the world which is helping the honey bee population!! 

We support Earth Justice "because the earth needs a good lawyer" for more info