"Mulch On"

we pull weeds

to keep weeds gone put mulch on 


this is what we can do for you:


  • Clean and Prep your gardens in the spring for planting
  • Lay down fresh mulch as needed at the appropriate time. 
  • Fall clean up and put your gardens safely to bed for winter *sorry we don't do leave raking*
  • Hand till and fertilize
  • We leave your garden neat and clean


  • While you are gone...
  • We will water your garden and potted plants
  • deadhead flowers, pull weeds
  • harvest fruit and veggies and store or dispose of


Although we recommend using the Green Bin for garden waste, we are able to haul out if needed for extra fee. If Green Bin is too heavy for you we will schedule our visit the day before pick up and leave it by curbside. We also can bag up debris in recyclable bags that City of Spokane will pick up at curbside.


Weed and maintain pre-existing bed. Assist with design and placement of new beds. Including assembling, preparing ground and watering system. Access to raised bed specialists and unique products to choose from. 


Whether you are the owner or the agent call us for quick curb appeal magic!


After a quick soil test we'll know just what nourishment your garden is missing. We will make recommendations with our partnering products and businesses for you to purchase from. Once product is delivered we will apply all soil amendments.

Non Toxic Weed Control

Do you have these weeds?  Identification and elimination is key.

we get to the root of the problem!!
we get to the root of the problem!!

Above is a maple sapling, not a weed but very invasive and intrusive if not pulled before it gets a firm root base. 

common mallow
nipple wort
prostrate spurge

All of the above plants seem harmless but without proper removal, their roots become deep and invasive. Proper hand tools are needed to remove these weeds to keep your garden beautiful!


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Basic gardening & weeding

Our goal is to do a neat and clean job in the least amount of time. Pricing is variable depending on the complexity of each job. We estimate the time and manpower it will take us based on our experience. We keep your budget in mind when giving estimates and will give you options to get the job done accordingly. Please check out our pricing plans here!



Once we get your garden in order we will quote you a maintenance price based on the size of garden and frequency needed. We like to keep maintenance down to one to one and one half hour but of course the size of garden and the unexpected can make maintenance take longer and will be billed accordingly by the hour and number of gardeners. You can however specify how many gardeners and what time limit you prefer. We will get as much done in that time as possible. 


Garden sitting

Flat Rate per week

Minimum $100 per week

Garden consultation

Mulch On will set you up for success.  We do more than give you a design or plan. We help you grow in your own space. By determining your garden goals/dreams, define zones, plantings, soil types and growing seasons you will be able to follow an easy step by step plan for years to come. Consultations are best done in the off season in order to be prepared for spring! ( available all year long.)

Minimum of $150

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 Let us work our magic to create something beautiful in your yard. we work with you towards low water usage scapes with minimal maintenance. Call or email today